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Panic Button Systems Benefits

From our family to your family.

Plan Ahead

Crisis Call allows you to plan ahead and determine who gets called when the need arises.

Ease of Use

One call to the system and everyone on your responders list is dialled simultaneously.

Call & SMS

Your family save the Crisis Call number to  differentiate between a “Crisis Call” and an ordinary call.

Quick Response

Calling multiple responders at once increases the chances that your call will be answered quickly.

Panic Buttons for Elders

Long distance love for Gran & Gramps.

Crisis Call for the Elderly is an indispensable in providing you and your elderly relatives an outstanding communications tool which improves safety and affords everyone greater peace of mind.

Panic Buttons for Persons & Children

Protect your children anytime, anywhere!

Personal panic buttons typically refer to a mobile / wearable panic button that you can take with you “wherever” you go.

These are especially useful for children, teenagers and young adults who travel long distances frequently through unfamiliar areas at odd times.

Panic Button Systems aims to make access to help as quick & efficient as possible.

Panic Buttons for Farmers

No Farmers. No Food.

South African Farmers in particular are the victims of the most horrendous and vicious criminal attacks – too often leading to torture or even death.

Panic Button Systems focuses on bringing you affordable, accessible, easy-to-understand, simple-to-operate services designed to improve your safety and wellbeing.

Crisis Call - there when you need it.


Customers love our Crisis Call service:


Benefits of using Crisis Call:

Clarity — Effectively communicate a crisis even before your call is answered

Call & Message –Our Panic Button Systems call and SMS your responders.

Non-App — Crisis Call is cloud based. No installs required.

Interface — Very simple setup process

Convenient — Crisis Call works on any handset.

The world is in need of super hero’s, now more than ever.

Your own journey to becoming your own super hero starts right here!

With the aid of Panic Button Systems and our Crisis Call service you can obtain your own technology-driven super power.

The power to alert people in times of crisis and the power to be there for loved ones in their time of need.

It’s like having a spidey-sense or Superman-like hearing - when there’s a problem you hear about it, really fast! That is the key driver behind our Crisis Call service – and you don’t even need an app for it.

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