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Turn any phone into a Panic Button

The world is in need of super hero’s, now more than ever.

Your own journey to becoming your own super hero starts right here!

With the aid of Panic Button Systems and our Crisis Call service you can obtain your own technology-driven super power.

The power to alert people in times of crisis and the power to be there for loved ones in their time of need.

It’s like having a spidey-sense or Superman-like hearing - when there’s a problem you hear about it, really fast! That is the key driver behind our Crisis Call service – and you don’t even need an app for it.

Panic Button Systems turns your phone into a superpower.

Crisis Call from Panic Button Systems is an affordable, accessible, easy-to-understand, simple-to-operate service designed to improve your and your family's safety and wellbeing.

Panic Button Systems is here to help address and allay fears as they relate to the safety and security of individuals and their loved ones, now and in the future.

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