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Benefits of our System

Non-App Service

Crisis Call is not an App. No complicated installs. No time wasted in finding the app in a crisis.

Speed Dial Function

Store the Crisis Call number as a speed dial on your handset and the system automatically dials everyone on your responders list simultaneously.

Call & SMS

All your responders receive a call and SMS, alerting them of your Crisis. Easily differentiate a “Crisis Call” from an ordinary call.

Quick Response

This technology speeds up the process of calling for help and increases the chances that your call will be answered quickly.

Offline System

No internet connection required. The Crisis Call system is call based and works anywhere.


No need for smart devices to use Crisis Call. No need for data or Wifi.

No Wearables

No risk of accidental pressing or false alarms; you only need your phone. Simple and effective.

Change Responders

You have the ability to change responders at any time. The changes are immediate.

Pricing Plan

Plans run month-to-month and you can cancel anytime.

For the Individual

No extra hidden charge. All VAT Included.

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Simple, Convenient and Effective. No extra Fees, No added Accessories, No App.
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